TCS is a global engineering, technology, and consulting service provider dedicated to partnering with leading organizations in their journey towards business transformation. Our mission is to guide businesses through their evolution, helping them achieve operational excellence and future-proof their operations. With over 20 years of expertise in developing and optimizing manufacturing processes, and ensuring the quality of information systems, TCS leverages deep sector knowledge in engineering, digitalization, hyperautomation and project management.

Engineering & Technical Consulting

Engineering is very important for the innovation and development of societies, in its most general term it refers to the techniques of using and applying scientific knowledge to the invention, design, improvement and management of new procedures in any type of industry, whether which can be applied in various areas, such as medicine, means of transportation, agriculture, astronomy, construction, among others.


TSC is built to learn and grow with your business. ?

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+ Robotic and process automation
+ Mechanical and electrical engineering
+ Material selection and characterization
+ Re-engineering to address modification and upgrades


Manufacturers around the world are turning to automation to help solve labor shortages, increase productivity and improve product quality. Robots provide a cost-effective, flexible and safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks.

Easy programming

The patented technology of those robots and the collaborative ones, allows operators without programming experience to quickly configure and operate our cobots. With intuitive 3D visualization, it's as simple as moving the robot arm to desired reference points or tapping arrow keys on an easy-to-use touch tablet screen.

Quick setup

Our Robots has revolutionized setup, reducing deployment time from weeks to hours. The average setup time according to our clients is only half a day. The experience of an untrained operator to unpack the robot, assemble it and program the first simple task is usually less than an hour.

Automatizacion flexible

Don't be limited by traditional robots that can only do one thing. Our robots are lightweight, space-saving, and easy to reinstall in multiple applications without changing production layout. Moving the Robot to a new process is quick and easy, giving you the agility to automate even short runs and frequent line changes.

Collaborative and secure

Assign heavy works, dangerous and boring jobs to cobots to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries to humans. 80% of our thousands of robots worldwide operate without safety protection, after risk assessment. The safety system of our robots is approved and certified.