TCS is a global engineering, technology, and consulting service provider dedicated to partnering with leading organizations in their journey towards business transformation. Our mission is to guide businesses through their evolution, helping them achieve operational excellence and future-proof their operations. With over 20 years of expertise in developing and optimizing manufacturing processes, and ensuring the quality of information systems, TCS leverages deep sector knowledge in engineering, digitalization, hyperautomation and project management.

Operational Automation


Efficiency redefined. Our Operational Automation service streamlines processes, reduces manual efforts, and boosts productivity, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives. Welcome to a future where precision meets speed for sustained business success.

Motion control system

If you need your line to go through different processes, we cover the programming of all the systems involved in the moving parts of the machines such as: belt, baggers, fillers, ovens, robot programming, robot reprogramming and servo drives.

Remote communication

We create applications so that you can control and monitor your production line from anywhere, you only need access to the network. This way, if there is a fault, technical support can be provided remotely to solve the problem and ensure that your production line does not stop.

Increased effectiveness of resources

We install equipment with sensors that provide information about the processes of your industry, in this way knowing how you can increase its effectiveness.

+ Cost reduction
Cost reduction 92%
+ Productivity
Productivity 99%
+ Reliability
Reliability 80%
+ Performance
Performance 78%